Financial Wealth Planning and Management

Are you looking for alternative investment opportunities? We can help plan and manage your financial matters and find alternative investment opportunities. Send us a message

Wealth structuring and inheritance planning

We can help you manage your family or your company's financial matters. In order to do so, we provide the following services:

  • Counselling in the event of family-owned company transfers, or strategic merger and acquisitions;
  • Reporting and consolidation of family assets, including real estate and direct shareholdings (private equity);
  • Back-office (accounting / execution / controlling);
  • Negotiation of banking services, credit and financing;
  • Trading with banks and brokers;
  • Negotiation of mortgages, credit lines, guaranteed loans, etc;
  • Management and follow-up of all banking activities;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Cost analysis: structures, suppliers, banks, portfolios;
  • Property rights management.

Investment opportunities

Helping you to have access to alternative investment opportunities is of utmost importance to us. Some areas that can be of interest to you are:

  • Real estate consulting and advisory;
  • Financial consulting and advisory;
  • Art finance and advisory;
  • Investment in classic cars;
  • Investment in wine collections.