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Real Estate abroad

The acquisition of real estate abroad is, nowadays, an alternative form of investment that has shown to be highly lucrative. It can include the purchase/sale, leasing and rental of properties.

The real estate market in Portugal experienced a significant increase in demand between 2000 and 2008, which has resurged in the last years. This led to developers working hard to meet that upturn.

Based on our experience, there are now many investors interested in Portugal, whether being International Funds, International Real Estate Developers, International Banks and Insurance Companies or simply investors from different business areas who understand the importance of real estate in a diversified asset management plan.

Residential market

The acquisition of real estate is an important factor in terms of residence and citizenship planning in Portugal, since it can allow you to have a resident card or a tax residency at very attractive rates. However, in order to make sure all necessary legal requirements are met, it requires careful and professional attention.

Individuals and families can enjoy significant benefits, namely in terms of asset protection and tax savings by wisely structuring their international acquisition and holding of real estate. Our team provides professional advice that is essential to the purchase, structuring and sale of real estate worldwide. These services are particularly relevant to clients who live in one country but would like to purchase real estate abroad.

Our research indicates that the most desirable locations for living are:

  • Lisbon;
  • Estoril Shore and Cascais region;
  • TrĂ³ia region;
  • Algarve region;
  • Porto and Douro regions;

Through P&P, you have access to a unique network of professionals whose expertise will provide you with excellent advice and service.


In addition to the above, Lisbon, Porto and other main cities and locations in Portugal are experiencing a huge demand from companies and startups worldwide that look at Portugal as a natural choice for investment in hotels, restaurants or simply as a place in which their companies can grow and prosper.

If this is your case, P&P will also advise you on these matters.