Residence and Citizenship Planning

There are several ways to become a resident in Portugal or a Portuguese citizen. Send us a message


Residence permits for non-EU nationals may be granted under one of the following two programs:

  • The Golden Residence Permit Program, via specified investments;
  • The EU Blue Card, via highly qualified employment.

In both categories, residence permits can also be granted to family members of a successful primary applicant through the family reunification procedure.

Golden Residence Permit Program

Portuguese residence permits via investment for non-EU nationals provide an opportunity to obtain a resident status to those who have entered the country regularly (e.g. holders of valid Schengen Visas, or beneficiaries of Visa exemption) allowing the application for Portuguese citizenship after five years as a resident.

Residence is granted if one of the following investments is made in Portugal:

  • Purchase of real estate for the minimum amount of EUR 350,000 or EUR 500,000, depending on the property's characteristics or location;
  • Transfer of capital worth 1 million Euros or more (including investments in company stocks or shares);
  • The creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal.

EU Blue Card

One way to obtain residence in Portugal is through the EU Blue Card Program, which provides an opportunity for highly qualified individuals from non-EU countries to reside and work in Portugal.

Residence for pensioners

All foreign citizens from non-EU countries can apply for residence in Portugal as pensioners or as someone living with their own income, as long as they have a home in Portugal and enough income to ensure subsistence in Portugal.

Pensioners may benefit from special tax savings or tax exemptions in Portugal and/or in the State of source regarding pension income.

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Portuguese citizenship can be acquired by those who descend from Portuguese parents or grandparents, by marriage or civil union or by birth in Portuguese territory.

Descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews may be granted citizenship through a special naturalization regime.

If you are a citizen of a former Portuguese territory (Goa, Daman, Diu, East Timor and Macau), special rules exist which allow you to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

As for non-European families, after six years of legal residence in Portugal under the Residence-by-Investment program, it is possible to apply for citizenship.

Dual citizenship is permitted under Portuguese Law, however it should be noted that certain countries do not allow dual citizenship.